• Troisi


    #NiUnaMenos #TxMH #Grac11asBruja #mejorhacerquepensarypensar #JeNeRegretteRien #conlaCalmadelqYaPerdio

  • Denis Trbara

    Denis Trbara

    Light-hearted optimist. Curios by nature, passionate about people and their stories.

  • Lucas Candioti

    Lucas Candioti

  • Hassan Hassan

    Hassan Hassan

  • Luis Orozco

    Luis Orozco

    Lawyer, diplomat, student, and a nomad

  • Pili Cruz

    Pili Cruz

  • Alfredo Miranda

    Alfredo Miranda

  • Mahdi Musse Hassan

    Mahdi Musse Hassan

    Mahdi Hassan is a Ph.D. candidate on IRs at Selçuk University. He is a Researcher and Analyst on East Africa, Middle East, & China, and African Relations.

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